Tsiotakis Christos with background the first VOLVO truck N86.

In the summer of 1971 first bought the truck Tsiotakis Christos, was a VOLVO N86. Thus began its path as a motorist and founded the company “Icarus”. From then until today carrying goods and fruits all over Greece and abroad.

The 1975 Volvo F89, acquired by the Delegation “Sarakakis”, and later was added juggernaut and the trailer and so was one of the first towed in Argolida and Greece.

1980 – the company is founded and officially “Icarus” after nine years of presence in the field of transport and having the fleet of two trucks towed.
Then the company invests and the chartering of trucks for the Interior and exterior with collaborating trucks.

1999 – the success of the company is now indisputable but not complacent. Always the customer purchased an additional trucks with all types of trailer and so created a powerful fleet with many possibilities.

Today – the company “Icarus” is now an established transport company nationwide and has one of the largest fleets of privately owned refrigerators and trucks anatrepomenwn making it able to take transport any cargo under the most demanding conditions in more remote areas.

The name and prestige of the company “Icarus” is known to a wider audience of factories in Greece.
We are a family run business we are trying to be consistent and decent to our customers.
The leadership team of the company “Icarus” make up the Tsiotakis Chris and sons of Andreas Tsiotakis and Elias Tsiotakis. Anyone in particular and specialized field. Our company has a possibility to make a step yet.
With the purchase of the new area aims to create modern facilities will offer integrated solutions for transport and storage.